New Music is here!

Happy Halloween! Super mega Halloween surprise for all my friends<3 New music out and a new music video too! Starring, styled, shot and directed by yours truly. I hope you love it as much as I do. Enjoy!


I can’t wait

I’m sorry for my online absence, but I’ve been creating, thinking and dancing my way to writing new jams. Working on a batch of new songs for an E.P. and setting up a radical and awesome new live performance set-up. New more traditional freestyle dance jams will be coming your way with live shows beginning to be scheduled by the end of the year. Meanwhile I have been doing an assortment of commercial ad singing for Volkswagen, Dairy Queen and an assortment of various other commercial pursuits. I’ve also been a busy bee making music videos and photography for some radical musicians and artists.

Keep in touch, more jams to come for your car cruising pleasure. xoxoxoSNCL

Video Premiere: Smile Now Cry Later- Bubbles and Whoop/Just Wanna

My new double song single has a music video now!! Hooray!!! My new video/s premiered this morning on the very awesome music blog, Owl and Bear. You can see the radical review on their site HERE. I am so very proud and excited to finally be able to share this video with all my friends/fans. I worked and worked and now, here it finally is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


New Video Sneak Peeks!

If you follow my feeds on facebook and twitter, you will already have read about my double song music video premiering this week. In fact, it is out tomorrow! HOOOOOOOORAAAAYYYYYY! I am so excited and proud. I have been working on this video for some time now and am finally going to be able to share it with all my friends/fans. I am a one-woman style of art making machine. The video is directed, shot, styled (everything from sets to hair and clothing), starred and edited (although really, my boytoy Rafter Roberts was my co-editer, Thanks, sweetie:) the double song music video. The first song is the short intro, Bubbles and Whoop, that opens up the song, Just Wanna. I am already sketching out my next music video, but I wanted to take a little time and enjoy and excitement of actually finishing this one.

Tomorrow the video/s will be premiered on the very radical music blog, Owl and Bear!

Can’t wait!


Radical Whistle Times

I swear, every time I play at the Whistle Stop in San Diego, CA, it is more fun than the last. It is by far my favorite place to play. The drinks where flowing and the tunes were rollin’. Lion Cut always kills it with their cat-tacular song jams and it was so fun to work up a set with Rafter and play drums for him. We only started practicing two days before the show for his set, which was a little bit on the tight side, but we pulled through and it sounded better than I could have hoped for. I was feeling some good vibes from the crowd that night and had tons of fun performing and dancing and singing and completely losing my voice. I love the exhaustion and exhilaration that playing for a dancing crowd brings.

I’ve also spent the weekend putting the finishing touches on my new music video/s. So very exciting! Photo stills from that to come:)


P.S. You can also follow me on instagram, at Smilenowcrylater.

San Diego Music Thing x SNCL

Playing tonight with all the homies, Rafter and Lion Cut. It is gonna be super hot and super sweaty at the Whistle Stop, San Diego, CA tonight! Don’t forget to get there early and start your drinking early, show at 9pm.
Also, new double music video for Bubbles and Whoop and Just Wanna coming out next week!

See you tonight!


Smile now cry later x Big Freedia x Hot Tub

Had a magical booty dancing show with the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia, last week and I’m off to bounce to more Louisiana booty style hip-hop tonight. This time I won’t be performing though, just enjoying the show.

Hot Tub and Big Freedia were superb and crazy ridiculous fun. Can’t wait to catch up with all those ladies again. I was honored to autograph one of my cd’s for Big freedia and to perform with such booty shaking fun acts. If you were not there, you totally missed out.😉






SNCL with Big Freedia making booties bounce

I’ve been in a editing haze and enjoying some much needed art time. I did, however, recently play in Visalia, CA with my favorite man, Rafter. It was a fun one show tour, but now it is time for more shows. I will be performing with Hot Tub (Oakland) and Big Freedia (New Orleans). I have seen Big Freedia perform once before and it was a crazy, hot, sweaty time with lots of booty shaking. It’s exciting to get to share the stage with Big Freedia tomorrow night at the Casbah in San Diego, CA. The show is going to be epic and super dance time. Make it out and shake your butt so hard it explodes!!!

Check out the crazy awesomenes that Big Freedia, the Queen of Bounce, will be bringing to San Diego.